Friday, February 24, 2012

Introducing Families First Blog. A blog for strong families!

We at Families First are excited to announce the first posting of our new blog, “Families First. A blog for strong families.”   This blog is an online article written particularly for parents and caregivers. You can look forward to lots of great tips, problems you can relate to and solutions you can use and funny stories to help keep your sense of humor! For those that don’t know, we also have a Family Support Line which is a toll-free, Colorado statewide line, available 7 days a week. Simply call 1-800-CHILDREN (800-244-5373). For our Spanish speakers please dial 1-866-527-3264.  In addition to providing a safe place to call and share your questions or concerns, we offer wonderful community resources, parenting classes and Circle of Parent’s® peer support groups. In the near future, watch for blog topics such as compassion toward your child, information on typical youth and parental development, parental courage, community participation and family health and well-being.
We look forward to connecting with you and serving many more Colorado families! If you have a parenting question or concern, e-mail or call us NOW @ or 1-800-CHILDREN(800-244-5373). The Family Support Line offers parenting tips, resources and information only and does not serve as legal or mental health advice.

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